MBON-MODIV workshop

Plankton ecosystem function: biodiversity, forecasting, and prediction needs

November 9-10, 2020, Beautiful Tropical and Arctic virtual space

The workshop brought together observationists, experimentalists and modellers to to discuss (i) how we can better link data and models for exploring the effect of plankton biodiversity on ecosystem functions, (ii) the value of plankton and (iii) concrete actions and leaders to address key research and applications goals. A total of 23 participants from different research organizations (including SCCOOS, GCOOS, OBIS, Darwin-MIT, IOCCP, AtlantECO, IOOS, NOAA) and universities from 8 countries (Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, USA (7 different states) participated.

The workshop was jointly organised by the Marine Biodiversity Observation (MBON), Modelling Different Components of Marine Plankton Biodiversity team (MODIV) and OceanObs research Coordination Network (OO RCN), and supported by FILAMO.

A peer-reviewed summary of the workshop can be found here.