CommOCEAN Conference

At the 3rd International Marine Science Communication Conference(CommOCEAN) Christian Lindemann (University of Bergen, Norway) and Jan Heuschele (University of Oslo, Norway) gave a joint presentation during the Skills Building Session

Abstract2018-08-30 09:34 Commocean: 3rd International Marine Science Communication Conference - Sureaqua

From peers to public: Obstacles, benefits and impact of cross-methodological communication

Obstacles such as language use and scepticism often hinder communication between different methodological fields, reducing scientific impact and the dissemination of research. Presented by an experimentalist and a modeller, we highlight common obstacles and misunderstandings between these fields in ecology and marine sciences. We illustrate the consequences of this disconnect and discuss ways to break down barriers amongst scientists and to improve communication with the public at large.


The presentation was in part build on the scientific publication:

On the missing link in ecology: improving communication between modellers and experimentalists by Heuschele et al. 2017.