F I L A M O — Connecting Field work and Laboratory experiments to numerical Modelling in a changing marine environment

filamo_logoThe ability to communicate, collaborate and work successfully within the interdisciplinary field of marine science requires the integration of field work and laboratory experiments with numerical modelling. To achieve this, marine and maritime educational programs need to develop candidates with broader skills and competencies, including the ability to understand models and simulations which are important tools for policy development and management.

The primary objective of FILAMO is to train the next generation of multidisciplinary marine scientists, to provide marine students and young scientists with meeting places and opportunities to integrate and communicate across field- and laboratory- and numerical modelling approaches. The project combines research, research training and higher education by funding student exchange, researcher mobility, and organizing summer schools and workshops across these methodological approaches.

FILAMO is a collaboration between University of Bergen, University of Cape Town and University of Oslo funded through the INTPART program by the Norwegian Research Council & Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education.