FILAMO workshop 2019

A successful FILAMO workshop on “Ecological forecasting” was held from the 10th to the 15th of October 2019 in Drøbak, Norway. The workshop brought together 20 PhD and post.doctoral students with experts in Ecological forecasting, in the scenic town of Drøbak and on the island and fortress Oscarsborg.  8 countries were represented, with participants spanning a wide range of research disciplines.


We live on a non-stationary, un-replicated planet that i s rapidly moving outside the envelope of natural variability. Ecological Forecasting is an approach of iterative cycles between making forecasts, performing analyses, and updating predictions in light of new evidence. The FILAMO course is based on the recent book Ecological Forecasting by Michael Dietze, and supplemented by a rich suite of R-based course materials hosted on Github. Teachers will mainly be core members of the Ecological Forecasting Initiative around Michael Dietze. he course syllabus included Bayesian statistics, forecast uncertainty propagation and assessment, iterative data assimilation, data fusion, decision science, distribution modelling and a range of other ecological forecasting applications. The course contained equal amounts of lectures and practical exercises and tutorials. The latter involved both R coding and formulating Bayesian models in JAGS, as well as collaborative student projects.


Teachers were mainly core members of the Ecological Forecasting Initiative and included Michael Dietze (USA), Istem Fer (Finland), Tadhg Moore (Ireland), Megan Cimino (USA), Gemma Caroll (USA)


Tom Andersen (University of Oslo, Norway), Josefin Titelman (University of Oslo, Norway)